How the Profit Center derived in SAP R/3 ?

In SAP R/3 Profit Centre will be derived as below:

  1. Expenses Item – From Cost Centre system derives the Profit Center
  2. Income Item/ sales order  - From Material Master/ Automatic Account Assignment
  3. AR/AP – From  Period End Transfer of balances
  4. Asset – From Asset Master
  5. Material/Stock – From Material Master/ Automatic Account Assignment
  6. If no profit center has been specified for an additional balance sheet or profit and loss account, the system finds a default profit center using the derivation rules. This is defined for single/combination of fields of sales  order to derive/substitute the profit center field in sales  order.  Example: if sales organization = xxx and Division =  yy then profit center = 100001. This can be defined in TCode-GGB1 and to be assigned to  the respective Controlling area.
  7. If No Profit Centre found in Master Data or from Derivation Rule – Dummy Profit Centre

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