Currency type in FI & CO

1.      Possible currency types in CO

o        10 company code currency

o        20 currency of the controlling area (known only in CO)

o        30 group currency

o       40 hard currency

o       50 index-based currency

o       60 global company currency

2.      Possible currency types in FI:

o        10         company code currency

o        30         group currency

o        40         hard currency

o       50         index-based currency

o       60         global company currency

3.      Some Points on Currency type:

o        A maximum of two currencies can be managed for all postings in FI and CO, independent of the currency types used in the controlling area.

o        Currency type 10 is always managed in FI. In addition, if needed, currency type 30 can be managed as a parallel currency in FI.

o        Currency type 30 can be managed as a parallel currency in FI.

o        Currency type 20 cannot be managed as a parallel currency in FI (this exception is only valid for currency type 20, since it can only be managed in CO).

o        You can also activate type 20 in FI-SL and Profit Center Accounting.

o        There is also currency type 80 (ledger currency) in FI-SL and currency type 90 in Profit Center Accounting (currency of Profit Center Accounting).

o        In FI, a maximum of 3 parallel local currencies can be managed per company code but category 10 is mandatory.

o        You can invariably use all of the currency types with the material ledger.

o        You can only use transfer prices with currency type 10 or 30, since currency type 20 is not supported in FI.

The selection of the currency type in the controlling area has no influence on CO-PA. You can set the operating concern currency independent of the other CO currencies. In the costing-based Profitability Analysis, you can update the operating concern currency and the company code currency (optional). In the account-based Profitability Analysis, the data (as in CO as well) is always updated in controlling area currency, company code currency and transaction currency.

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