R3 Forex Rates: 
In R/3 all Forex Rates updated using the TCode: OB08.  This is required for passing Forex Transactions, Forex Valuation and Forex Translation. 

In general to update Forex Rates in TCode: OB08, a background job with a Customized program is used.  These rates are getting updated in TCURR table.


Without the current exchange rate values, foreign currency invoices/transactions will either fail if there's no existing rates or contravenes accounting policies by using an obsolete rate.

Types of Exchange Rate Types normally used in SAP:


There will be 5 Exchange Rate Types loaded to SAP from external sources:

  1. Daily Rate    
  2. Month End Rate         
  3. Monthly Average Rate
  4. Quarterly Average Rate     (to comply with Group Reporting)
  5. Planning Rate            (supplied for planning purposes)

How to Check Forex IDoc:


TCode: WE02 – Use logical Message "EXCHANGE_RATE" and date.


Reasons for failue in updating the forex rates:

  • Batch job failed / cancelled for some reason.
  • Information not provided from the other system.
  • Object currently Locked by User.

Object currently Locked by User: If the TCode: OB08 is locked by User. This TCode can be used by one user at one time. If it is opened by the user then the other users can display screen but can't update the details. In such cases contact user to make T.Code OB08 free for changes and re-run Idoc from T.Code: WE19


Upload Rates Manually:




In case it is required to load Exchange rates manually, download the exchange rates from external system.
Format the file manually and upload the rates using SAP transaction 'TBDM'.


  1. Hi. I am looking to update the rates manually by uploading a file through TBDM.
    What format should this file be in?