Delta changes between 4.6 c and ECC 6.0 in MM module

    1. BAdI for deductible payable (new)
    2. Requirement prioritizations (new)
    3. Enterprise structure
      (a)Transaction OX18 replaced by views (changed)
      (b) Transaction OX17 replaced by views
      (c) Transaction OX18 replaced by views
    4. Forecast with alternative historical data
    5. Purchasing
      (a) Principle of prudence for credit memos in purchasing (new)
      (b) Mass maintenance of outline agreements
      (c) Commitment plan for purchase contracts (new)
      (d) Availability check in enjoy purchase order and requisition ( changed)
      (e) Product substitution with ATP check for STO
    6. External services
      (a) Putting service items in the purchase order on hold (changed)
      (b) Service based commitments in purchasing (new)
      (c) IR before GR for services in purchasing
    7. Inventory management
      (a) Assignment test (new)
      (b) New movement types in inventory management
    8. Logistic invoice verification
      (a) Variance type as sort criterion for invoice items (new)
      (b) Prepayment of invoices (new)
      (c) Automatic settlement of planned delivery costs (new)

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