SAP AP: F110 Automatic Payment Run : Tables

Payment Run relevant tables: 
FEDIWF1     FI EDI: Person with signing authority
OPN_J1      Japanese DME Foreign Payment Accounting Data (Open FI)
PNBK        Prenotification: New bank data from master records
PNHD        Prenotification: Files created in ACH format
PYONUMKR    Auxiliary structure for lock object EPYONUMKR
PYORDH      Payment order header data
PYORDP      Payment order item data
REGUA       Change of payment proposals: user and time
REGUH       Settlement data from payment program
REGUHH      REGUH version before the 'n'th change
REGUHM      Payment Data for Cross-Payment Run Payment Medium
REGUHO      REGUH version before the 'n'th change
REGUP       Processed items from payment program
REGUP_CORE  Processed Items from Payment Program
REGUPO      Line item status before the 'n'th change
REGUPW      W/tax information per w/tax type/FI line item in pmnt run
REGUS       Acounts blocked by payment proposal
REGUS_SEPA  SEPA Mandate Lock:  Applications To Be Retrieved
REGUT       TemSe - Administration Data
REGUTA      Paying Company Codes for DME Files
REGUV       Control records for the payment program
REGUVM      Payment Data for Cross-Payment Run Payment Medium
SMFIAP      Spec. FI-SL Data in Monitor (See Schedman_specific_fisl)
T004F       Field status definition groups
T012E       EDI-compatible house banks and payment methods
T042        Parameters for payment transactions
T042A       Bank selection for payment program
T042C       Technical Settings For The Payment Program
T042D       Available amounts for payment program
T042FSL     Last additional selections used
T042G       Groups of company codes ( payment program )
T042I       Account determination for payment program
T042J       Bank charges determination
T042JB      Customizing table for Japan Bank Mergers
T042JB1     Customizing table for Japan Bank/Branch Mergers
T042K       Accounts for bank charges
T042L       Bank transaction code names
T042M       User Numbers At The Bank
T042N       Bank transaction codes
T042OFI     Events for MT100 and other DME Formats
T042OFIT    Events for MT100 and other DME Formats
T042P       Bank selection by postal code
T042R       Name of account holder (ref.specifications on bk.details
T042S       Charges/expenses for automatic pmnt transactions
T042U       Block Entries for Debit Customers/Credit Vendors
T042V       Value date for automatic payments
T045T       User ID for bank transactions
T077D       Customer account groups
T077K       Vendor account groups
T078D       Trans.-dependent screen selection for cust.master
T078K       Transaction-dependent screen selection for vendor master
T079D       Company code-dependent screen sel.for cust.master
T079K       Company code-dependent screen sel.for vend.master
T079M       Vendor master data screen selection (
TBACN       Bank EDI file version numbers
TBSL        Posting Key
TFAGS       Definition of FI clearing rules
TFAGT       Texts on FI clearing rules
TZGR        Grouping rules for automatic payments
TZGRT       Name of grouping rules
TBTCO       Job Status Overview Table
TFBUF       Table for FI Data Puffers
TRDIR       Generated Table for View TRDIR 
VARID       Variant directory
VARIT       Variant Texts


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  2. what is the tcode for accessing these tables, I mean how can see these table, I tried via SE16 and sm30 no use.Please help.

    1. as a fico consultant we don't have authorisation of se16
      we will check at se11

  3. Use the TCODE: SE16N.

    TCODE: SE16 mostly used by the ABAPer. For a functional consultant SE16N helps much. Try and let me know

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