Leading ledger & Non-leading ledgers

Leading ledger  

  1. It is a base ledger, which updates the cost center and consolidation.
  2. You can define only one ledger as the leading ledger – SAP provides the leading ledger "0L".
  3. The currency of the leading ledger is always used as the first currency.
  4. The leading ledger is integrated with all subsidiary ledgers.
  5. Only the values from the leading ledger are sent to CO.
  6. The leading area in Asset Accounting (depreciation area 01) must be posted to the leading ledger.
  7. Leading ledger uses the (additional) local currencies assigned to the company code.
  8. Leading ledger uses the GL Total Table: FAGLFLEXT.


Non-leading ledgers  

  1. Non-leading ledgers are activated by company code.
  2. You can define additional currencies that deviate from those used by the leading ledger.
  3. As a second and third currency of a non-leading ledger, you may only use currency types that you have already assigned to the relevant company code for the leading ledger.
  4. You can define a fiscal year variant that differs from the leading ledger. If you don't specify a FYV, the FYV of the company code is automatically used.
  5. You can also define a posting period variant that differs from the leading ledger.
  6. Separate document types and number ranges can be defined for non-leading ledgers by users, to ensure continuity in ledger numbering.
  7. Non-leading ledger updates the profit center, segment.
  8. The non-leading ledgers are used as parallel ledger together with the leading ledger. This can be used to apply different accounting standards, such as IAS/IFRS or US-GAAP


  1. good post , easy to understand.

  2. For local statutory accounting in various countries, can the company codes in those countries use/share a single non-leading ledger for their purpose?

  3. Thanks very much !
    It is really easy to understand !

  4. Hi,
    we are trying to post a document in non-leading ledger. one of the accounts opened as cost element and the system wants co object for that account in non-ledger account. isn't it wrong ? in leading ledger it has to be filled co objects but in non-leading ledger it shouldnt be asked for co objects.