SAP Tables for Technical Consultants & also for Function Consultants !!!

Tables on below topics :
Authorisation, objects, Batch input map's, Batch jobs,Correction & transport, Countries, Currency, Data elements, Development classes, Domains, Dynpro areas,  Filenames, Function modules, Function groups, Icons, Logical databases, Matchcodes, Messages, Programs, Repository objects, Purchase Requisition, SAPscript, Spool, Status (menu), Switch objects, Tables and views, Texts, Transactions, User parameters, Variants, Accounting, Accounting documents, Bill Of Material, Classification, Classification characteristics, Configurator, Cost elements, centers, activities, Customer,Equipment, Equipment status, Function location, Customising tables, General ledger accounts, Goods movement, Customising, Inventory document, Maintenance Order, Material, Material document, Notifications, Orders,Personel, Production resource tools, Customising tables, Project, Purchase Requisition, Purchasing document, Purchasing info record, Reservation, Sales Document, Sales requirements, Storage locations and stocks, Tasklist, Transfer requirement, User data, Vendor master, WM transfer, Other tables, Useful Transactions, Function modules, Standard data transfer, Helpful reports.
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