Things to be considered when implementing the user exit

No dialog boxes, warning messages, information or error messages must be issued in an exit, and a "COMMIT WORK" must not be rejected. This would, for example, interrupt the batch processing or cause problems with the documents to be posted.


If you find a serious error in the field contents in the exit, send a termination message (A or X), which will ensure that the transaction is terminated.


Do not use any ABAP commands that cause you to leave the exit directly, for example 'LEAVE (TO) SCREEN ...' or 'SUBMIT ...' or 'CALL TRANSACTION ...' In an exit, use only structure fields that belong to the Boolean class of the calling substitution, validation or rule.


The other structure fields are not filled or are not filled properly for the callup point of the calls of the substitution, validation or rule.


You may make changes to field contents in a substitution exit only if this field can be substituted in the Boolean class.


You can display these fields by choosing "Add entry" in the substitution maintenance. In the includes of the substitution exits, you must not use the commands MODIFY, INSERT or DELETE in the internally used structures such as BSEG or BKPF.


These structures are interpreted internally as database tables because they are defined by a TABLES statement. As a result, the system writes, deletes or changes database records if you use the commands mentioned above.


This can cause serious inconsistencies and problems in the document processing. If you want to change field contents in the exit type C_EXIT_PARAM_CLASS, you should make the changes in the internal table BOOL_DATA (for example BOLL_DATA-BSEG).

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