Calculation of Depreciation for Tax for India

In India, there is a requirement that the Depreciation for Income Tax should be calculated based on the date of Acquisition. If an asset has been acquired before or on completion of 180 days of a Financial Year, than the calculation of Depreciation is allowed for full year. If the asset has been acquired after 180 days , depreciation is allowed only for 180 days. Hence for an asset acquired on 25/09/2009, system should allow calculation of depreciation from 01/04/2009, assuming that the fiscal year starts from 01/04/2009 and ends on 31/03/2009. However, if the asset is acquired on 07/10/2009, the system should allow depreciation from 01/10/2009. Sap has delivered standard depreciation keys for the same in reference chart of depreciation for India 0IN.

But if the asset has been acquired on 01/10/2009, still the asset has to be depreciated from 01/04/2009, since the asset has been acquired for less than 180 days into the fiscal year. The system is working fine for asset capitalized on 25/09/2009 and 07/10/2009. But we are not able to map the same if asset is capitalized on 01/10/2009 and 02/10/2009. For these two dates, the depreciation should start from 01/04/2009.

I have checked the period control setting and calender assignments and everything seems to be in place. How can we tackle the issue?
The same has been resolved.I Created a new assignment in Period Control IT for my fiscal year variant. For month 10, i added a new line item with no of days as 2 in addition to no of days as 31 for month 10.

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