SAP : Business Transaction Events (BTE)

Business transaction events:BTE is Customer Enhancements. It defines the standard interface, how the  communication is done to/from external system to SAP.
There are two types of interface available

1. Publish & Subscribe interfaces (also called "informing interfaces")
2. Process interfaces (also referred to as "process" in the following)

Publish & Subscribe interfaces:     These will inform you about particular events (such as a document   being entered) in the SAP standard application and make the data    generated as a result available to the external software.
Examples of such events in the R/3 System are:
-   Master record was created, changed, or blocked
-   Document was entered, parked, changed, or reversed
-   Items were cleared or reset
Process interfaces: Process interfaces are used to submit business processes to a different control which cannot be realized with the standard system,  that is process interfaces replace standard processes. It is possible   to connect different external developments to the standard R/3   System. The additional developments are generally carried out using the ABAP/4 Development Workbench.
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