Positive and Negative Sign in SAP COPA

It is also possible to transfer conditions from MM to update billing data in pooled payment in the Information Systems (IS) retail system. These are transferred according to the same rules as SD conditions. Conditions from SD are always transferred to COPA with + signs, with the exception of credit memos and returns. The reasons for this is that the signs for revenus are handled differently in the different applications of the system. For example, revenus are positive in SD, while they are negative in FI. Consequently, COPA accepts all of the values as positive, and then subtracts deductions and costs from revenues in IS.

Note that indicator transfer +/- is not used to compare the different use of +/- signs between FI or SD and COPA. If you active the indicator, only the positive and negative values for the condition in question will be balanced. This guarantees that the sum of the negative and positive condition values are displayed as a correct total value in the value field asigned to that condition.

In order to perform transfer conditions from the billing documents the same definitions must be established for the value fields in Profitability Analysis and both pricing and conditions types must be defined in SD.

Relevant OSS Notes:

Note: 122217 - CO-PA valuation:incorrect +/- sign for credit memos

Note: 140589 - Incorrect +/- sign for free of charge item

Note: 86057 - Credit memos/returns with incorrect +/- sign

Note: 74644 - Bill.doc.: incorrect +/- sign f. mixed bus. trans.

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