Important Asset Tables :

Table Name Short text
ANEA Asset Line Items for Proportional Values
ANEK Document Header Asset Posting
ANEP Asset Line Items
ANEV Asset downpymt settlement
ANGA Asset catalog general data
ANGB Asset catalog deprec. area
ANGT Asset catalog text table
ANKA Asset classes: general data
ANKAZ Asset class: extension for technical fields
ANKB Asset class: depreciation area
ANKLAY Asset class: Assignment of tab layouts
ANKLAYP Asset class: Assignment of tab layouts
ANKP Asset classes: Fld Cont Dpndnt on Chart of Depreciation
ANKT Asset classes: Description
ANKV Asset classes: insurance types
ANLA Asset Master Record Segment
ANLBZW Asset-specific base values
ANLC Asset Value Fields
ANLE Asset Origin by Line Item
ANLK Asset Origin by Cost Element
ANLP Asset Periodic Values
ANLT Asset Texts
ANLU Asset Master Record: User Fields
ANLX Asset Master Record Segment
ANLZ Time-Dependent Asset Allocations
CMS_AST Asset Details
CMS_AST_BP Asset -Business Partner Relationship
CMS_AST_DOC Asset Documents
CMS_AST_HIST Asset Value History
CMS_CHG Asset - Collateral Agreement Relationship
FILA_GF_ITEMLINK Assignment of Objects to Assets
FMFGAPASS Accountable Property Assets Created w Value
IDPT_A011 Revaluation Areas for Asset Reports
IDPT_A051 Transaction Types for Asset Retirements
IDPT_A09 Checks for Asset Reports - Reference Table
IDPT_A099 Checks for Asset Reports
J_1GAM2GR Rule Table for Fixed Asset Revaluation
J_1GAMASN Asset Super Number Objective Values
J_1GAMREG Customizing table for Asset Register
PSOSEGA Document Segment for Assets Document Parking
RFIDPTAAV Pro-Rata Asset Acquisition Value
T009Y Shortened fiscal years in Asset Accounting
T030S Accts for Foreign Currency Assets Exchange Rate Differences
T036V Allocation of planning levels for Financial Assets Mgmt
T082AVIEW0 Entity Table for Asset Views
T082AVIEW0T Text Tables for Asset Views
T082AVIEW1 View Authorization for Asset Master Data Fields
T082AVIEW2 View Authorization for Asset Depreciation Area Fields
T082AVIEWTRANSG Assignment of Transaction Group to Asset View
T082H Field string name: Asset master data maintenance
T087U Asset group number / asset group
T088 Selection Table for Italian Asset Register
T091C Translation methods for Asset Accounting
T093_ACCOBJ Account Assignment Objects in Asset Accounting
T093_ACCOBJT Texts for Account Assignment Objects in Asset Accounting
T093C Company codes in Asset Accounting
T093R Control Table for Archiving in Asset Accounting
T093SB Substitution for Asset Management / Company Code
T093V Validation for Asset Management / Company Code
T5PBSR1P Asset Type
T5PBSR1PT Text For Asset Type
T875 Asset transfers within the group
T875D Asset transfers
T8J1J Asset intercompany cutback rule
T8J4I Non operated Billing Asset Tables (for holding bills)
T8JHV Asset Operator Ownership Transaction Table
TA1TV Asset Transfer Variant
TA1TVB Determination of the Asset Transfer Method
TA1TVT Asset Transfer Variant
TABVO Determine asset value date in Asset Accounting transactions
TABW Asset transaction types
TABWD_FTC Fields Used for Table Controls on Asset Postings
TABWN Item Titles in the Asset History Sheet
TABWQ Asset hist. sheet group
TABWT Asset transaction types texts
TCMS_AST_CAT Asset Category Details
TCMS_AST_CAT_T Asset Category (Text Table)
TCMS_AST_FLDS Table for Asset field names
TCMS_AST_FLDS_T Text Table for Asset field names
TCMS_AST_FLIST Table for Asset field names
TCMS_AST_ORG Group table for Asset Number ranges
TCMS_AST_TYP Asset Type Details
TCMS_AST_TYP_T Asset Type (Text Table)
TCMS_CHG_TYP Asset - Collateral agreement type relationship
TCMS_FOB_TYP Financed object: Asset type - Product id relationship
TCMS_RE_ACS_SAS Acs type - Sub Asset relation
TCMS_RE_PRT_SAS Building Part type - Sub Asset relation
TCMS_RISKCODE Asset type RiskCode definitions
TCMS_SEC_AST Asset type for securities accounts
TDINTEB Internal Level of Financial Assets Management
TDINTEBT Name for Internal Level of Financial Assets Management
TFILA_LC_002TO Specification Asset Values Copied for Following Business
TISR1 Asset Type According to Regulatory Accounting Requirements
TIV40 Asset class assignment - Main usage type
TKKAL Entity Table for RA Versions for Assets Under Construction
TZ17 Asset group C11/76 Asset 6 (Annual stock overview)
TZ17T Asset group R11/76, appendix 6 (Text)
TZ18T Asset group R11/76, append.1-2 and R2/87 append.1-2 (text)
TZ19 Asset type in acc. with BAV PRF3 and PRF8, sub-section 7
TZ19T Asset type in acc.with BAV PRF3 and PRF8, sub-sect. 7 (Text)
TZ22 Asset classes relationship table -- BAV- Sub-section
TZ28 Asset Type According to Regulatory Accounting Requirements
TZ28_ARCHIV Asset Type According to Regulatory Accounting Requirements
TZ28_ARCHIVT Asset Type in acc. with Reg.Acctng Requirements / Text
TZ28T Asset Type in acc. with Reg.Acctng Requirements / Text
TZBK Financial Assets Management valuation areas
TZC37 Financial Assets Management status definition
TZPA Financial Assets Management Product Types
TZPAB Financial Assets Management product types
TZPAT Financial Assets Management product type texts
TZPLP Financial Assets Management Plausibility Checks
VBSEGA Document Segment for Document Parking - Asset Database
VWPANAN Asset master/asset master relationship
VWPANLA Asset master for securities
VZWDVL Buffer for sends within Financial Assets Management
ZAL_AIM025 Asset customisation needed for SAP-PEE Metadata download

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