SAP GUI Scripting and GuiXT

With SAP GUI 6.20, SAP introduced a "scripting API":  an object model that represents a screen with its controls at runtime. In Windows environment the API  can be used from any tool that supports the COM object interface, especially from the VBScript and JavaScript languages. The object model allows one to automate all user actions. 

Unlike GuiXT, the SAP GUI scripting approach is not intended to change the screen layout. It completes the GuiXT functionality, allowing us to manipulate  special controls (like the grid control) that GuiXT cannot handle directly, but is restricted to actions that a user is able to do as well.

With GuiXT 2004 Q2 3 and above, you can combine the two approaches. Use the new  keyword "ApplyGuiScript" in a GuiXT script or an InputScript in order to perform further actions on the screen via a VBScript.

The general procedure, clarified with a few examples, is set out below.

1 Requirements
  • SAP GUI 6.20 and upwards
  • GuiXT 2004 Q2 2 and upwards
  • For SAP kernel 3.1I-6.10: kernel patch required, see SAP note 480149
  • For SAP kernel 6.20 and above: Included in standard delivery
  • It is necessary to activate scripting support in the SAP system, and in the SAP GUI options
  • Not possible in ITS environment (SAP GUI for HTML)

2 SAP documentation

Please see the following SAP notes concerning SAP GUI scripting:

  • 480149: Kernel patch requirements
  • 587202: Limitations of SAP GUI scripting
  • 527737: Composite SAP note on SAP GUI scripting
  • 612454: Status and Lifetime
  • 619459: SAP GUI Scripting support of SAP applications
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