1. Differences between periodic reposting and distribution are due to information content and performance.
  2. For periodic reposting, no separate credit record is written on the sender for the cost element in the summary report.
  3. Instead, the totals record for the cost element is reduced on the debit side, which means that the original debit amount can no longer be checked there ("unclean credit").
  4. However, during distribution, the system writes a totals record for the credit ("clean credit").
  5. The information on the receiver is the same for periodic reposting and distribution ("clean debit").
  6. Compared with periodic reposting, during distribution, the system also updates the partner in the totals record for the sender.
  7. This means that the partner can be displayed in the information system on the totals record level.
  8. As fewer totals records are written during periodic reposting, performance is better than during distribution.

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