SAP FI AA : Reversal of Depreciation Run - AFAB

No standard solution offered by SAP to reverse a depreciation run. But, you can reset the depreciation run. Resetting should be done only in case testing environment.


Resetting depreciation (transaction OAGL) should NEVER be executed in a live system. The only reason that SAP even delivers the program in the first place is to assist in the initial configuration and setup of a new ERP instance. As an example, during the initial implementation it is normal to have to execute the depreciation program multiple times to flush out issues surrounding account assignment, reporting, depreciation calculation, authorization, etc. During this time of constant change it is often necessary to reset the various asset tables so that depreciation can be run anew for a given company code or fiscal year/period. It is important to mention that there is no way to reverse the effects of a program like this. Also keep in mind that your userID is logged in SAP whenever this is run which provides a very easy-to-follow audit trail if it were ever necessary to track down who ran the program.

NEVER USE the transaction OAGL for Resetting Posted Depreciation. This delete al the posted depreciations in asset accounting and not the FI posting.
You company should be set on productive and then it is not possible to run programs like this !!!

For the depreciation you have to make a manual correction posting in FI or do a reposting in CO. When you change the cost center, plant historical data is not corrected!

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